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Atlanta trip wrapup, part the first

I’m going to do a separate post, quite likely on my work blog, about all the things I learned, want to try, etc. For that I want to be someplace where I can have my tablet sitting next to my work computer so I can look at my notes while I write my wrapup. But […]

vassar lessons learned

webdesign.vassar.edu “sample site” staffing: director, assistant director (& partner in computing), 4 designers, one developer “condensed core” in cascade. they do use includes for (some?) navigation so they can make system-wide changes w/out republishing all. they do custom designs for every site. but at the same time, they’re working on the content in the sample […]


and Justin’s doppelganger is here again! So weird. well of course the longbeard (like Oakwright quality) is running this session. and of course he works at UCDavis. law school has separate instance of cascade. “loving Cascade”? Maslow’s law: hammer/nail. another person who uses Cascade to push content to campus display screens. huh. what IS coming […]


No knitting for me in this session. (Current project is at a stage where I have to stop.) What kind of calendar info is kept in Banner? He uses web services to auto-publish & update. YES. Good URLs. Does create a lot of pages in Cascade. Ah, they have room schedules, every room on campus? […]

Creating magazine in Cascade

His group is similar to ours, in re: being under advancement/external affairs. The big issue of each issue having its own look/feel for the most part. config set for each issue (at what point do magazines go digital-first?) structure is fairly consistent 2 thoughts: put magazine in its own “site”, and use it as testing […]

Journey from 4.9

It’s funny, 4.x in Cascade & 4.x in Drupal seem to have been almost equally crazy, although in noticably different ways. they came from home-grown CMS. one of the presenters has a fairly noticable accent, another presentation I’ll have to do extra listening. wonder if Luke was at the same early user conference that they […]

Modular Content

I met these folks earlier today. Nice people, sounds like they’re doing interesting stuff. Wow. This is pretty intense. Also, they PREPARED CONTENT AHEAD OF TIME. This is almost more than I can handle right now. I don’t even. It’s a bit like what I’ve been doing with content types, but even more so. Like […]

Putting JavaScript into a Format

This one may be even nerdier than the previous ones, because it’s a very particular technical thing. (there’s Justin’s doppelganger again.) Is this going to be another knitting session, so I don’t get hopelessly distracted by Twitter? Chrome XML Tree extension. Just FYI. Dammit. Velocity. Oh, this is like the thing I built. Only I […]

Web Services

Oh dear, heavy accent. Which is fine, but will definitely take some extra effort to attend to. SOAP? Really? Not REST? (Not that I know much about either.) Anything with bulk changes. Is this where the “bug all page managers” thing I want to do comes in? Oh….also could use it to create a form […]

Template XSLT Formats

Trying to decide whether I’ll want to knit during this session. (And whether I want to go to the next one at all. Neither one is really calling to me.) Transforming one kind of XHTML into another XHTML? oh, hold on: this means i could make the content talk to the navigation so I could […]