and Justin’s doppelganger is here again! So weird.

well of course the longbeard (like Oakwright quality) is running this session. and of course he works at UCDavis.

law school has separate instance of cascade.

“loving Cascade”?

Maslow’s law: hammer/nail.

another person who uses Cascade to push content to campus display screens. huh.

what IS coming in 7.2? Ah, he’s going to mention some of the examples where new features obviate oXygen tricks.

that’s the 2nd batman garment I’ve seen here today.

can edit the format & see what objects you want to preview it against, in newer version of cascade. Sweet.

unit testing for xslt? one of those topics I’ve really wanted to figure out.

tool in oxygen to make WSDL more readable

bsf.jar (beans scripting foundation), allows languages to use other languages? ok, like JS in XSLT — the date formatter. which I really like. get version 2.4 from commons.apache.org/bsf

/OxygenXMLEditor/lib – that’s where to put bsf.jar — should fix some of the things that haven’t worked in oxygen that DO work in cascade.

this is basically what I’ve been doing to get things set up! (feeling pretty good about myself)

live coding stuff.

had no idea about the diff tools: directories & files.

how does oxygen deal with html5 — since it’s so loosey-goosey with structure?


feeling sort of proud of myself: been doing this, what, 3 1/2 months? and I’ve worked out so much of this basically on my own, once I got the recommendation to use oxygen.

see, I knew that using index blocks for navigation was the way to go! otoh, I know Susan is right, and that it’ll take some training etc on our end to get editors doing it right.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING OF. (a single checkbox in the metadata set to decide whether to include in nav.) In 7.2 the builder for dynamic metadata is not going to suck quite so much. (more like the data def builder.)

If you load a DTD, then editing will be context-aware. Sexy. For building those dynamic metadata items (where I’ve just been copy/pasting samples from the HH KB) – thank goodness next version won’t be necessary. (when is that next version coming)

Default to not including in nav, which seems like the more sane choice.

Random thought: in theory you could create a link asset and add IT to the nav, which would probably make that a more consious decision.

outline view. (under the project file list)

ctrl+shift+i does prettifying (I’ve been using a Coda plugin!)

“transformation scenarios”? I’m not seeing the little xml > xsl dropdown thing that I use. XSL engines. Did I do that in some other setting?

FO Processing to do PDF.

Oh, add XHTML to a default thru the scenarios?

XSLT/XQuery input – shows a tree of the XML that’s being transformed. Click and drag into the xsl file?! DAMN. Also with the context-awareness. So all this requires setting up the transformation scenario? But seriously.

Skipping to something “nifty” 🙂 — in site definition, include class “footnote” – how the heck does that work?

Numbering for footnotes via JS inside XSL. Not quite sure I’m following, altho I think if I saw the code for a while it would click. I bet this would be sweet for grouping too.

q: handling includes: he has two different include tags, one local and one for on the server, whichever commented out that he’s not using. a little bit chunky, but not horrible.

showed the debug, so just running to where the cursor is, to figure out a fragment.