No knitting for me in this session. (Current project is at a stage where I have to stop.)

What kind of calendar info is kept in Banner?

He uses web services to auto-publish & update. YES.

Good URLs.

Does create a lot of pages in Cascade.

Ah, they have room schedules, every room on campus? O.o

Homepage has little date block with key calendars, in month layout.

They use banner for most of their scheduling. Interesting. So I’d need to find the R25 equivalents.

Full list for each day, then links to every room. Holy moley.

Also a weekly daybook type schedule with rooms.

Oooh, also a building map.

They really have pretty much every form of calendar layout you could imagine, often broken out by category.

Also faculty schedules. O.o

Wait, did he just say that they used this stuff to power digital signage?

Ok, now get to HOW…


(Really wishing for knitting.)

Yep, digital signage. And a wayfinding app…er, kiosk?

All the input for all the feeds is in banner.

Feed blocks for each of the (three) feeds.

I can so totally do this, if I can get stuff out of R25 and/or figure out how to send stuff from Drupal to Cascade.

Choosing the tool: grouping/recurrance really does require Velocity. (dammit. altho not surprised.) but basic stuff, no recurring: XSLT.

Block with data definition. So blocks instead of pages?

I’m not really following *how* he’s doing this. 🙁 And I’m tired.

Wait, what? This seems a bit convoluted. Forget that: WAY convoluted.

What I really want to see is what the web services code looks like.

I’m sleepy, and I’m ready to get back to work, to try doing some of this stuff.

Wish I’d gone to the workflows session the last time, I heard really good things about it.

Looks like the rain is going to have passed through by the time we get out, so I’m 95% sure I’m going to take bus/train out to Decatur to go to a yarn store, B&B (!), and maybe get dinner, if I can do all that before it gets *too* dark.

All his stuff is on

Hm. He’s writing CSS in Velocity? I don’t even.