Putting JavaScript into a Format

This one may be even nerdier than the previous ones, because it’s a very particular technical thing.

(there’s Justin’s doppelganger again.)

Is this going to be another knitting session, so I don’t get hopelessly distracted by Twitter?

Chrome XML Tree extension. Just FYI.

Dammit. Velocity.

Oh, this is like the thing I built. Only I like my thing better.

json? with sliderjs. i bet there’s xslt out there to generate json.

start-code vs start-root-code (and she didn’t know why she used the one she did) escapetool.js?

“if you have departments that want to use the same exact slideshow” — when the hell does THAT happen?

a questioner just described EXACTLY the same thing that I did. also: thought: zip archive to import all the pics, then go into each one to set up the alt/caption?

random generation of content via js? with a rational fallback, that’s not a terrible idea. will have to look into that for big block on homepage.

there was some other idea that I just had, but got distracted by the example, and errors therein.

Oh, now I remember: using hosted jQuery with fallback to local version, because ppl often have it cached.