Web Services

Oh dear, heavy accent. Which is fine, but will definitely take some extra effort to attend to.

SOAP? Really? Not REST? (Not that I know much about either.)

Anything with bulk changes. Is this where the “bug all page managers” thing I want to do comes in?

Oh….also could use it to create a form elsewhere and then turn the submissions into assets. I guess this is the thing that I was thinking about for calendar and/or catalog.

hmmm…authentication piece could be tricky. (remembering the issues with publish sets.) create a “web services” user? guy sitting  next to me said they do something like that.

idea: drupal module for writing to cascade? are there soap-related modules?!

so every time something gets edited in the CMD (for example) it also gets sent to Cascade AND published. No PHP. Automatic URLs/Page Titles. I think you could even do the preview with that technique. Maybe.

Mind blown.

And now I have a slightly better idea of how SOAP works in PHP, which seems a lot like how Ajax stuff works in JS.