Template XSLT Formats

Trying to decide whether I’ll want to knit during this session. (And whether I want to go to the next one at all. Neither one is really calling to me.) Transforming one kind of XHTML into another XHTML? oh, hold on: this means i could make the content talk to the navigation so I could do that “you are here” thing I’ve been wanting, WITHOUT js. conditional js, based on what the content is. maybe obviates some things i’ve looked at content types to do. I did take out my knitting, tho I’ve had to stop a couple of times. this is pretty stony, now that he’s getting into it, but he started with a lot of talking about talking. start-root-code THIS. this is what i wanted to do all along. but wait: does this mean you have to put the content into the asset format as actual stuff? “[div id=”hideBodyId”]special[/div]” – how odd. but the 2nd format removes those. could you put a definition list in the first format? that would be super nerdy. www.iu.edu/~pagriet/csuc12/ oh, now I get it: you attach a format to the template in the template editing interface. (a really basic thing that was confusing me the whole time.) lightbulb just came on for reals. instead of all ids – “hideTitle” “hideBreadcrumbs” or “showBreadcrumbs” – use classes “hide” and “show” and then ids (or definition list) to know which thing.