Roadmap Session

I’ve never actually been to a conference for a specific vendor. It’s weird to see a presentation that includes how they moved into new offices.

Still wondering what exactly it means for Cascade to have “full HTML5 support” — does that just mean that you can use new tags in content without them being stripped out?

Yep, this is the talk talk talk blah blah blah session I thought it might be.

Topic-based user groups.

Oh hey, the KB might suck less.

Huh, this is actually still just the welcome, not the roadmap. The actual roadmap session might be better?

…which starts…now.

“the engineers are the employees with beards”

so no women, then?

this is probably the sort of session where I ought to be knitting instead of writing snarky journal entries or tweets, mostly so I don’t miss stuff.

“modules are a little vague” – adding functions w/out so much coding? no idea what he’s talking about.

focusing on usability. hrmph. but they’re talking about it as “features” and not so much as “omg working in this makes me want to yell at something.”

Auto-saving drafts. On the one hand: I love that in WordPress. OTOH: I gather drafts have caused horrible disasters.

All of this contextual editing is great, I guess, but what I really want is for someone to be on the actual website, and when they see something that needs fixing, be able to click a button and jump to the right spot in the CMS.

Customizing the toolbar! I was going to see if I could hack into that myself. 🙂 And the equivalent of content/tag filters in Drupal. (No, you CAN’T create an h1, rather than making it look ugly and they don’t understand why.)

o look: an automatic report that would’ve let us know about that thing that was probably broken for 6 months.

site-wide link check! that’s actually pretty cool. per-asset link check on publish? should already exist, but does that include external or just internal? should look that up.

I think Susan might especially appreciate some of the reports stuff.

more about modules:

Guy in front of me is looking at info about contribute. Hilarious.

twitter feeds module. oh dear, I think that means my recent very

built-in image sliders. I wonder if that’s going to suffer from the same problems as all the carousel etc modules in Drupal, which meant tha I ended up preferring getting Views to generate a list and then including the cycle lite jquery plugin in the theme.

“give users the ability to create these things” — oh wait, that’s basically the same thing as the image gallery thing I built this summer? :\

any ARIA support?

ways to indicate that an image is “decorative” rather than meaningful.

“only a single h1 element” — but if using headers, sections, articles, is that still best practice?

so there’s an accessibility checker? where’s that? but apparently it only checks the asset’s content?

ARIA in TinyMCE. that’s kinda cool.

50% of site redesigns of projects they work on are including response. apparently session tomorrow abt mobile will be focused on RWD, so maybe I will go.

looking at better support for HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap, etc. looking to export some of their services projects to Github, sites that you could actually just import into a site. Innnnnteresting.

ah, one of the HH employees just responded to the single snarky tweet that I hashtagged. #awkward

SO MANY things we can’t do until we convert to “Sites”. Dammit.

Two minutes left, in theory.

Seriously, I’m beginning to hate the term “user” when referring to people who do stuff inside a CMS. (this isn’t a Cascade complaint specifically.) How hard is it to call people authors, editors, or managers?

Also, the word “blast” in re marketing can die in a fire. (email, facebook post, whatever. DIAF.)

Gah, missed a bunch about performance improvements while copying (some) of that into tweets. Whoops.