Cascade User Conference liveblogging

Hey, it’s conference blogging! I haven’t done this in here in a while; when I went to PNW Drupal Summit last year, I was trying to move everything to my “Web Generalist” blog. But I’ve pretty much shuttered that, so now it’s here.

For my loyal readers: Cascade Server is a content management system (CMS) used at The Evergreen State College. Its care, feeding, and spiffy new web features built with it are my job. I’m at the vendor’s annual user conference in Atlanta, GA — where I’ve never been before — to learn more, get ideas, and meet people.

I’m not totally suffering on EDT, mostly because I stayed up all Saturday night before my flight on Sunday. (D&D Saturday until 11ish, airport shuttle at 3:45, so packing & watching Zoolander twice kept me going through the night. Which meant I was exhausted enough to go to bed at 7:30(?) last night, and wake up not too long before my normal alarm time.)