beehive cap

I guess this is its own pattern! The goal was something that sort of perches on the back of the head that my bangs can peek out of. And the color of the puffin is very similar to the color of the ImagiKnit I made into a Honey Cowl, so I wanted something that went along.

Re, incorporated patterns:
2/2 ribbing as in quick stocking hat
Body as in honey cowl
Decreases as in Jellybeanie

The total length before starting decreases is about 6”.
Decreases in the knit rows, first decrease was k2, k2tog, all following decrease rows were k1, k2tog.
Slip/purl rows as close to keeping in pattern as possible.
Ended at I think 8 stitches on a decrease row.

If I had wanted a more slouchy hat, I would have used a size larger needle on the body and gone longer before decreases. (But I’m not much for slouchy hats, tbqh.)