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Archives for November 2015

Berkun keynote

we should all be poked at when we get into specialized language “whoever uses the most jargon (probably) has the least confidence in their ideas” precise language has value, but use the simplest language you can “innovative” – used sloppily. “narrative bias” – instinctively prefer simple satisfying stories even if they’re false what happened before […]

user-centered content strategy

“we were basically emailing them direct links to pages on our website” card sorts! students’: mental model, priorities, language (wow, I think we’re actually doing really well with this!) 4 steps to make the shift get management support & sponsorship overcoming challenges — “show, don’t tell”: she mentions running a usability test producing tangible results, […]

Q&A with Halvorson

(this was supposed to be something else, but that presenter had a family emergency) some really nuanced thoughts on PDFs and context. dealing with distributed authorship – if it’s a box that they check off instead of something that they really care about. these are still professionals! have to have compassion, relationship-building, trust. “my job […]

Cleaning up after a messy migration

“there’s too much to do it efficiently” useful to see how the mess got that way, not to repeat past mistakes, but to remember that (most) people are trying to do their best with what they have. migrate it all or nuke it & start over? (FWIW, usability testing is what gave us the whatever […]

How to succeed at practically anything

their sitch is a lot like ours (no one actually doing content strategy) I feel like the Rahel slide needs to go to SB et al just to get that solid definition across. focus on the things that matter do those things well tell everyone about the cool thing you did measure the results super-obvious […]