Keynote: Collaboration

(watch this presentation online)

Her early computing experience is much like mine, but a few years earlier. (Also, her dad insisted she learn how to type because she was interested in opera & philosophy; which sounds a lot like my mom with the typing.)

I want you to feel good about the mess we’re in — this is just naturally what happens.

why would you know? you just made it up. [‘that thing you just said. oh, yeah, I’m on it.’]

people are trying to replicate the good things, but don’t have the standards or governance and do it imperfectly. set a protocol to avoid the chaos pit. “build better collaboration models”

“this is why it’s hard” — because “it’s a hard use case” (we’ve put everything on the internet)

you must get organized

things. take. time.

[this part reminds me of the information technology book, title escaping me ATM]

“you might retire and it still might not be right” – don’t measure the transformation by your own vocational tenure (it’s bigger than you are)

holistic responsiveness via standards

“remember when you couldn’t put a bagel in your toaster?”

create effective instances of content within a standards-based framework

“we have super-cool jobs, let’s keep them super-cool” (being positive, sharing instead of blaming)

what we want at minimum: a team that works together and follows rules and makes quality content that get real work done

moving to more organic models: giving management information so they can make effective decisions

then going from hierarchy to object oriented thinking about teams “execution atom” – everyone operating against a nucleus of standards and known objectives surrounded by an array of people

“information supply chain management” – can we manage information the way we manage manufacturing? (fascinating but a little disturbing)

your role? to create information flow – that goes beyond the boundaries of page, site, app, etc.