Lady Sweater

I still need to buy buttons, but it’s pretty much done. Overall, I enjoyed the knitting. It was quite straightforward, with the exception of working out the eyelet row. I probably should’ve gone up a size but I’m pleased with my first sweater!

Did 2 swatches – one on #8 which was a smidge large, and another on #7, which was just a hair small. Going with slightly small on the assumption that it’ll stretch over time.

4/24 – first “whoops!” – it’s hard to know how big to make a buttonhole if you haven’t picked buttons yet. :\ Also, my first-ever buttonhole, and I don’t think I got it quite right. (4 stitches?)

4/26 – 2nd buttonhole, slightly better than the first one, also found a few buttons of about the right size, might not use them but will make a good model.

4/28 – final buttonhole! Much better construction but not 100% sure it’s the same size. Also did the eyelet increase row with just the right number of YOs. (start w/YO, then one every 6 stitches, except last is 5st, then final YO.

5/1 – first row of lace, discovered I was short exactly 2 stitches. Made up for it by not doing decreases in last repeat.

5/2 – separated sleeves!

5/4 – now that I’m just on the body, it seems to go quite a bit faster.

5/6 – achievement unlocked! mild mangling of lace pattern, followed by getting back on track. Looks like it’s just on the front left panel.

5/13 – this feels like it’s going amazingly fast. Now I’ve got the pattern down enough that I don’t even need my reference card AND I can feel if I’ve gotten off track before it goes too far. 🙂

5/17 – started garter stitch for bottom edge!