birthday socks

Adjustments for two-at-a-time circular

(some of this was copied from notes on paper about two months after I finished the socks. YMMV.)

Heel flap

After the last row of the last leg pattern repeat:

(SL1,K1) across first 32 stitches of sock A
Turn to wrong side, SL1,P31
Continue to sock B, SL1, P31
Turn to right side and (SL1,K1) across same stitches.

Repeat for same number of rows/slipped stitches as in written pattern.

(Also going with (SL1/K1)* instead of SL1/K31 for right side because I like it.)

Heel turn

(something about this didn’t go quite right, but it’s now been two months, so I’m not sure what! here’s what I have written down in my notes, tho)

Turn heel B as per directions
K across
pick up 15

Turn heel A as per directions
K across
pick up 15
Row 1 lace
pick up 15

Sock B row 1 lace
pick up 15


not sure where the break is in this

A: K to last 2 – K2TOG – Lace pattern – SSK – K across
B: Lace pattern – SSK – K to last 2 – K2Tog