using grunt with drupal

I’m not 100% sure if this applies, but it’s intriguing since Justin is already using Grunt for CSS & JS tasks (compiling SASS, minifiying, etc).

I really wish DrupalCon were set up like Confab in one very specific way: I like having a table to set my tablet/notebook on for typing. The height of these chairs combined with the height of my legs means that it’s quite awkward typing on my lap, the whole thing wants very much to go head over heels and fall off of my lap entirely. Then add in the knitting, which is mostly helpful in listening, but it’s hard to have ALL THE THINGS in my lap simultaneously. Confab’s setup with rows of tables was so much nicer than just rows of chairs w/out tables.

what about testing that’s more than just “clicking around” (I guess that’s the point of something like behat?)

what ARE D’s tools for deployment?

Grunt Drupal Tasks

“it has opinions”

Gadget “easy to start a Drupal project with Grunt Drupal Tasks”

feels very rabbit-hole. I’m not quite sure I get what’s going on, but maybe… actually, Justin might like that for that other thing he’s thinking about….

actually, I think I’m going to try this, if I can get Justin to help me get Grunt & Yeoman set up.

but omg sleeeeeeepy.

this might not be related, but does Hobsons have an API that we could connect with for building forms?

separate Grunt file for the theme — sort of like what Justin does now?!

again: what would it be like for the web team to be able to do our own theme deployment? or module deployment specifically for Features-generated modules (ie, content types with associated views, etc)?

the guy sitting in front of me has the USDA foreign agriculture service website in his browser, but with the url of localhost. so that’s a thing.