revisions everywhere

undoing delete?

problems with concurrent editing

the issue of distributed content generation


demo of a module for D8 — I’ve already forgotten the name. [nb: Multiversion]

tree showing split “revision tree” when editing in two sites that are supposed to be in sync.

[so is there a D7 contrib module that works like Cascade’s Recycle Bin? because we use that all the time.]

the speaker’s notable modules are UUID & Deploy? which I should probably look at both.

oh wow this gets complicated fast. and this might be going over my head a bit. :\

some in-session researching:

how does Deploy play nicely with Workbench Moderation? Does it?

for Recycle Bin like functionality: see Killfile?

this is all quite high-end (the advanced level was quite correct) but it’s fascinating.

{oh I just heard Greg.}

this question: ow my brain.

forward revisions? O.o — oh, like Scheduler, or Draft in Workbench Moderation.

Right now I feel like I’m gonna need a week with a whiteboard and a brand-new Drupal installation.