flavors of svg

I’m in this one for Justin, mostly, and to see what modules and things we should be going with.

svg is just ridic cool.

inline svg — could that be added via embed entity (or whatever that’s called) — I hope I’m not getting too far ahead. TBH, this part is all about all the different methods of adding SVG to a page, nothing yet about Drupal specifically. (something called svg injector?) And I’m pretty sure Justin already has a preferred inclusion method. If I were on a regular computer, I’d go look at how the SVG for the logo is included.

oh, the media queries for showing different versions based on the sizing of the bounding box is quite fascinating. I wonder if he’s thought of that.

[look up jolly icons. those are cute.]


oh wait he did like a whole day workshop on svg, yes? we’ll  have to compare notes.

also grumpicon (best for one-time use)

this svg sprites thing is what we were trying to do in Cascade?

I’m so glad I got to test-read Shelley’s book all those years ago. it gave me this great view into what was possible.

you can ctrl+c SVG from illustrator into a text editor.

still no Drupal mentions, except a quick mention of some navigation in a .tpl as markup, which I don’t think is what we’re after.

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  1. O’Reilly has a new book on SVG in the works. Not me, others are doing an exceptional job.

    And yes, SVG is very cool. Esp now.

  2. Neat! Our designer (@revoltpuppy) is a big fan of SVG, and I’m excited about figuring out how to make it play nice with Drupal.

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