lean collaborative usability

I don’t have notes for the keynote, but I do have thoughts. more later?

omg this room is too hot.

nice slide of options for testing

better screening helps with buy-in.

reservio.com — I would also love to know what her screening questions look like. this whole slide about automating scheduling, Susan should look at.

I want Susan & Jamie to watch this presentation.

remote unmoderated testing – half desktop, half mobile!

9 page memo as the results

short memo means people read the damn thing, also could turn issues into tickets

she’s big on Optimal Workshop, which I’ve been thinking about off & on

Notable, by Zurb

lean ux book: proto-personas. behavior-based over demographics.

* * *

It’s later; after lunch later, and the session I thought I wanted was totally not what I wanted, so I’ve got a little time to sit & think & write. So about that keynote: my personal reaction to it is pretty positive, for the most part. I had tiny quibbles with some of the science-y details, and I wish her recommendations for building empathy, influence, and adaptability had been as specific and actionable as the ones she gave for awareness. But what I think she heard from Twitter, and I think what I even overheard from someone in the exhibit hall, was a disconnect with the audience. Which is not to say that this stuff isn’t important for Drupal people, for developers, whatever — it absolutely is! (“unfortunately, as you probably already know, people.”) But I would have liked to see her be more explicit about WIIFM and more explicit of a connection with the Drupal community, issues in the Drupal community. I think there are ways to do that. (Plus also unspoken gender boundary, emotion as women’s work, etc. I don’t know it’s better to tackle that issue directly or to glide past it silently, but oh boy is it there.) So that’s what I’m thinking about that.