battle for the body field

“I thought it was a training issue, but it’s not.”

This story about the HR site for the multinational makes me think of issue with my.e.e, which the admin computing people solve by not actually using any Drupal features. (Then again, my.e.e isn’t really text.)

[pope article after snowfall] this is the “blue box” problem, which we’ve been solving through just styles & snippets.

narrative text; islands of structure; placement that matters

paragraphs: still mostly just good for assemblages. (so maybe the campus life page?)

I’m feeling Insert View in this part of the discussion {cleaner markup slide} — how WOULD you do Insert View in a wysiwyg?

what is the actual vocabulary of the content? even if it doesn’t become a Drupal field, knowing this is important. So I guess the snippets that Justin has worked on is actually helpful?


transform for output slide – just this thing.

“i think im being tricked into using xml somehow” lol

“just have a footnote button and support that” yeah.

entity token embed

deadline vs new content  vs profile vs highlighted material

pattern lab

node embed, token insert entity, entity embed

I can’t believe he hasn’t mentioned Insert View

shortcode drupal module

oh, right, node view MODES. I could definitely play with that some more, esp for Fields of Study?

custom editor plugins?

I feel like maybe I’m in the best place right now, having spent the last three years relearning and doing XSLT, and now bringing that back to my Drupal work.

How to make sense of any mess – Abby Covert — I’ve been thinking about that book.