site building like an engineer

the architecture, and complexity, of a drupal site is based on module selection.

nice runthru of heuristics for module selection.

special cases

panels (“is it done the drupal way or the panels way?” and this is why I’m always skeptical)
display suite
“I have this layer of complexity…do I use it?”
domain access
organic groups
rules (turing complete, apparently. “infinite complexity”)

avoiding building the homer-mobile.

data structures

[I don’t know if he’s talking about content types, but I’m feeling like I kinda need a full do-over of the Fields of Study content type]

ok, yes.

“every time someone tries to save a week’s worth of work on the building side, they create a month’s worth of work on the maintainence side”

site building smells

taxonomy: number of vocabularies, general size/complexity of vocabs

content types: number of types, overloaded with fields, do the lines between content types make sense, would taxonomy, entities, etc be better?

in all of this: is there a reason for this to be here?


use the description field on the content type, taxonomy/vocab, menus, blocks

in views there’s a place to write comments about the view itself! “this display’s comments”

only add  complexity deliberately
name things carefully
comment liberally { every time you see a textarea just start typing }

that was really good, lots to think about. (and short!)