morning thoughts

I found the Pre-note sort of dreadfully annoying, so I went out to one of the tables under the stairs, where the initial conversation was about hotels (Milner two blocks from the venue, my eye!) but then five of us were working together to help a gal from a college figure out a View. There was sketching and handwaving. Also turns out that one of the people at the table I’ve met before at a PNW Drupal Summit, so that was nice.

Twice now I’ve been awakened by a garbage truck under my hotel window at 5-5:30am. This morning I managed to doze a little bit after it left, but finally got up for an early morning stroll to the very close by grocery store for some Woolite. The state of my wardrobe is necessitating a bit of handwashing.

The “Driesnote” is packed to the gills; it’s weird that I could hear all the pre-speech bits from the coffee spot right across from the hall, but I can’t hear him at all. Which is fine; this part has never been that big a thing for me. (It’s weird to think of how I basically heard a Driesnote in Portland in what…2005? And it was just a handful of people in a classroom. Now the room is row after row after row of chairs.) I’ve got my day all planned out with sessions that I think should give me all sorts of crazy ideas. Plus there’s a Women in Drupal social event this evening, should be a good time.