keynote day 2

“if that were to happen how might I handle it”

social = what humans do

I am SUPER skeptical about her position that connectedness matters more than size now. it’s a lovely idea, but doesn’t match the oligarchy that we are actually living with.

“that’s why wall street is falling apart” (ORLY? that’s why they’re able to defeat regulation and make a zillion dollars?)

unlocking the inherent talent [of people they didn’t have to pay. what did that woman who was the “best folder” end up getting as compensation to improve her own day-to-day life.]

so something about this presentation is bringing out my inner socialist.

ugh, I have so many arguments about why her outline of the “unit of value creation” is all the wrong. feels recklessly ahistorical. 🙁

I think she means well, because she’s talking about “inviting everyone to play”, which is good, and does help people in orgs (sometimes, if people actually HAVE THE RIGHT INFORMATION), that minority viewpoints help, etc. — but maybe in the service

(I used to be on patients like me; it was nominally helpful for mental health issues. I don’t remember why I stopped using it, though.)

If relationships are to the social era as efficiency is to the industrial era…what is the social implication of that? because efficiency was soul-sucking and physically dangerous. (am thinking of that american experience about Ford that I watched recently.)

some of what she’s talking about re “purpose” reminds me of the book Drive. so that’s good.

TED/TEDx (a thing about which I’m ambivalent)

discussion of listening “tell me more” — which is a lot like what Kristina said in the workshop.

[also, she’s the “sitting is the new smoking” person, which reminds me of GeekyLyndsay’s tweet about that as someone who can’t stand while she works.]

[also, also: apparently Steve Jobs: yes, an asshole.]