rethinking content delivery

on content authorship

what skills are needed?

align tools with tasks

oh hey, COPE guy (formerly NPR, now Netflix), also Karen McGrane.

technology as an enabler, not a decision-maker

trying to separate content management and presentation management

yay, rant about CMS vendors. “don’t get caught up in the myth of in-context editing” AN interaction, certain types of need, but doesn’t address all the needs. not a critical requirement!

there are complex tasks than need to happen, but have been made overly complicated, can’t oversimplify them either.

ah… *digital* beyond web and mobile. (I was sort of hoping for a discussion of non-digital outlets. that remains a big issue for us.)

what would an API for our content look like? Is there anything (ie, list of ALL THE THINGS) we can reuse from those consultants?

audience Q about print: ok, they haven’t even started getting into that. (she’s meeting with them this month. funny.)

“content lifecycle scenarios” (she hasn’t been impressed by ANY available off-the shelf CMS options re: separating presentation & content.)