content & a responsive redesign

an all-day seminar event? who exactly was involved? subject matter experts and/or existing authors. sketching exercise opened up people to content exercises.

some more things to add to our work sessions; the idea of working across departments is really intriguing. admissions, veterans resource center, financial aid, and student accounts, to review the costs & aid “section”

nts: see what the pathway is to the veterans site. how ARE people getting there?

that content strategy statement is something for us to look at for guidance, even though ours will be VERY different.

we HAVE TO give the writing style guide (at least in some version) to everyone who uses the CMS. (great demo of vastly improved writing that came from actual FA staff!)

oh hey global navigation. almost the same as ours, actually.

the whole thing of breaking down the content updates into phases feels a little sprint-like, honestly.

she talks a lot about workshops, which is a lot like what we’ve been doing in our work sessions. pair writing…interesting. the people keep each other in check.

turn rules into habits. and that’s what co-working and workshops are FOR. aha!

interesting discussion of how they integrated net price calculator.

included student blogs, too. curious about the governance model for that.

“video content goals were aligned with the web content goals” !!!

this is all really interesting, but my brain is burning out.

I like the modular sidebar stuff. starting to think that the content block needs a smidge of additional definition from the rest of the secondary content.