step away from the wireframes

“how do we do it?” (infiltrate the process) – this slide.

“content deputies” 🙂

minimum viable product -> minimal viable content? (my thought, not hers. but it makes me think of the way our team works for content and design. “is it better than what we have now? then go!”)

assessment > design AND content > engineering simultaneous with editorial

makes sense.

interviews as a research method to get to better workflow. (THIS. I should totally talk to SB & NP about someone doing that on the broader team. it’s sort of what I meant to do earlier when we were re-evaluating basecamp.)

spreadsheet with all the tasks broken down by “sprint” (phase) [note from Q&A : spreadsheet is like a template for the tasks that actually end up in the project management system.]

a lot of this makes me think about cross-media content, more so than the distributed web content. (esp admissions materials, the magazine)

not a lot of notes in this session, but definitely some things to consider and try.