content audits

she teaches content strategy & info arch at UW.

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ecosystem! built in interconnections

content audit as map. aaaaaaaaah! (have I mentioned how much I love maps?)

“evidence from our content”

know what you want to get out of it before you start, or before you decide what type or scope.

“they thought they could get away with not paying anyone, and they were wrong. because they were using sharepoint.”

“whose pain are we going to solve by doing this?”

quantitative inventory. the standard thing with the spreadsheet. (the thing we’ve been doing, sort of, except that it’s going through the navigation, whereas we’ve been going through the cms. I wonder what the benefit of one vs the other might be.)

technical audit: level up to add more info in the spreadsheet. hmmmm, page load times….

social audit: did S do this? it seems like she would have. with youtube specifically, can we figure out what pages we’re using various videos on? (and maybe traffic/results)

comparative/competitive audits: when do you need one? note: looking for differentiators, what do we have that’s unique/different? also: potential partners?

want to look up this later.

interesting secondary theme of this presentation around how to work with interns.

qualitative audits: what do you mean by quality? business goals, audiences needs & tasks, constraints (are we meeting them). a list of some things. do the ones that will get you the furthest. (ie, which pieces of info)

does this content help someone make a decision to take an action.

scale by choosing sections, by rolling over time, choosing what to track.