content & analytics

“the numbers went out and got themselves a website”

he’s taking a while to get to the point, sadly.

(doesn’t help that I came in late & am sitting in the back unable to see the slides. sigh.)

he’s a higher ed guy, which is cool.

start with a usability test. which, yeah. I can talk about that until the cows come home.

“you get to people read what you wrote, which is almost as painful as writing it.”

ios ux recorder? that could be super-cool

1. can readers actually read my content? readability scoring. nice analogy that I think relates to cognitive drain/overload.

2. discussion of bounce rate.

feeling sort of disappoint in this session, which makes me also a little restless….

although: personas. we should do that.

3. page value. right, I get the gist of the mechanics. he actually calculated the value of a visit. but you can guess, can use fake-ish values. need to get analytics for more stuff.

ok, now I’m feeling overwhelmed. not specifically by this session, which so far isn’t anything super-surprising, but just by the sheer number of things I think we should be doing.

AHA. just assigning any damn number allows seeing what pages contribute to the overall goals.

and another reminder that google analytics is sketchy as far as accuracy. yup, all relative.


I guess our mobile numbers are low? (he said their numbers are around 30% usually.)