day 1 keynote

idea: “instawalk”? an alternative version of a campus tour?

neat! GE & CSX intermodal (music) video. scored by guy from Ladytron. highly recommended. 🙂 (also on soundcloud)

“so I get to make music videos about trains. super cool.”

are there natural partners for us to connect with our audiences? like is there actually a way to reach to someone like John Green (sp?) after that tumblr where someone noticed a catalog photo with the [????] t-shirt?

so I’m wondering what the metrics are for a project like this (GESpringBreakIt) in relation to the overall business…

if even you spend a bunch of time/effort getting the word out before a social media event, news really doesn’t get out until things actually start. (which kinda makes sense.)

and I keep thinking about the student projects project, where I’ve been getting stuck with the tech (argh gnarg), instead of having a chance to think about the communication and content goals. Maybe we should talk about not actually trying to use Portfolio as a DB at all, but to use it like we do with photos on the web, as a place to explore (?!) and cull from. but that definitely requires thinking about an editorial calendar for these things. (and how that connects with alumni profiles and student profiles, faculty profiles (?!), etc., etc.)