Roundtable notes, class schedule

[originally written Oct 26, just now getting around to transferring from my MDA.  these are much less narrative than my usual note-taking style!]

Credit only
Road to improvement came thru budget cuts couldn’t dist off campus
Schedule is plain bw just classes
New student cannot reg from offcampus anyway
Off campus is simplified
Increase in costs but huge increase in population
Lane had similar issues
Creativity coming from constraints
Administration buyin needed partially to have a directive
Went to magazine format
Was so popular that she doesn’t have copies
Some paid ads
They hadn’t even had internal ads
Making it interesting enough to read
Not showing all classes
Cocc took out prereq courses
Lane took out mult sections
Lane saw no impact on enrollment no complaints from students
Cocc did theirs in a shitty year
Put energy into noncredit schedule
Most people who came in cold had shiny pub
Cocc has amazing scheduling
Lots of push to web and phone
Staffing for advertising
People contact them
Quickly had to change site link to aspire in real pages
Using surveymonkey old people don’t like it
One email complaining about spanish welcome
Several sections in spanish
Barter with photo agency
Personally met with post office people show em the regs 6.3.4
And talk to counsel
8 month process
Two columns trimmed 40 percent pagecount mt hood cc