keynote: experience design

totally ignoring all the intro stuff while I work on Paula’s site.

jared has started. focusing on the nature of experience design and what it means. sandisk — they think they have an ipod-killer. #2 in the market. “I guess they’ve got their work cut out for them then”

he’s very funny, cult of netflix, dissing sharepoint intranet. redesigns destroying value.

(now that I have got cyberduck working, I’m frantically working on Paula’s site as promised.)

phone call from C. came back to wackiness with trip planning on travelocity.

multidisciplinary nature of experience design …hey, that’s *my* job!

the fema graphic that was on the daily show. what was the person who did that design thinking?! usability testing is about seeing a design through someone else’s eyes. cultural difference.

(okay, internet is really, really, really slow.)

good communications, clear focus on vision “a stake in the sand focused on the horizon” what should the experience be 3, 5, 10 years from now? the right people,

missed some stuff while another page loaded (personalized google is teh suck on safari).

redesigns are dead. small continuous improvements. we haven’t caught up to that point.

ugh, I have too many tabs/windows open, and I can’t track with the presentation.

approaches to facilitating experience design. guidelines documents. seriously, it took us 5 years to get to a draft that is still not official!

educate & administrate. that’s how I want to implement the guidelines.

use of asterisks inappropriately. 🙂

educate includes having a clear vision of success. disseminate user knowledge & feedback quickly. use design problems as a “teachable moment” — in the other model, problems involve punishment. (hmmmm, how would that work, exactly.)

160 sites that they “know of” — want to hold a conference. I think the UW has this problem, hell, we probably do too. “build communication paths to all the design agents” let them know what the goal is, and how what they do effects that goal.

make collecting feedback on new design ideas incredibly expensive. some company has a usability test scheduled every wednesday, w/out knowing what will be tested. makes it EASY.

sharing lessons learned. and then making good design practice the path of least resistance. (which is why I LOVE using templates in WP.)

uietips newsletter,,

maybe THIS is where my career is going.

q: does it have to be expensive? no, not at all: netflix success vs. walmart, blockbuster. just throwing money at a problem makes it worse. takes thought, skill, and attention to detail. constantly ask: what are we trying to do? doing small things is working better than doing big things. (that certainly gives me hope!) creating the vision is best done with a couple of beers. (hey, maybe I should invite the intranet gang out for lunch.)

q: how to find users? can use surrogates, but users also congregate in like groups. (like this event!) (somebody tell jared to take his hand out of his pocket!) “discount usability movement”

q: how to overcome beurocratic (sp?!) sclerosis? this is the reason why they’re so excited about apple, netflix, et al, because they become an example of how to succeed. turn this (experience design) into that (shareholder value, increased revenue, etc). steve jobs like a virus: he infects businesses. 🙂