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keynote: experience design

totally ignoring all the intro stuff while I work on Paula’s site. jared has started. focusing on the nature of experience design and what it means. sandisk — they think they have an ipod-killer. #2 in the market. “I guess they’ve got their work cut out for them then” he’s very funny, cult of netflix, […]

back to our regularly scheduled programming

Okay, so C decided to stay at the beach as originally planned; we’re going to back to our original plan, which involves staying one more night at Tom’s and then driving home tomorrow morning. (“blazing,” as C describes it.) So while I was sitting here, sucking up electricity, Jonathan Snook wandered by and reminded me […]

social metadata, relevance revolution

I may be somewhat distracted. I have my phone in my pocket on vibro mode, waiting to hear from C when he gets back from the beach. (per the whole glasses thing) And if this doesn’t grab me, I’m going to bail. harness user actions to make site more relevant. he’s from the middle of […]

well, that changes things.

C called while I was eating lunch: he lost his glasses in the Columbia River. Which means that the next few days are likely to be complicated, expensive, and/or annoying. He’s eligible for new glasses (or at least the MEAGER benefit we get), but he also has to have an eye exam before he can […]

accessible design without drama

with Matt May (is it joe clark who always calls him MCMay?) — who must be related distantly to Greyson. the drama in the field gets in our way. (hmmmmm….) starting with high-level stuff, and then into concrete. most of the audience is people for whom accessibility is part of a larger job. break down […]

designing for community

“we want to be the myspace of financial traders” !!! mikeindustries.com/myspace ? — his articles on the topic. one-way web vs. two-way web. best way to describe what web 2.0 really is. (why yes, I am still getting going.) where people interacting with each other improve the site. most examples will be from the news […]