well, that changes things.

C called while I was eating lunch: he lost his glasses in the Columbia River. Which means that the next few days are likely to be complicated, expensive, and/or annoying.

He’s eligible for new glasses (or at least the MEAGER benefit we get), but he also has to have an eye exam before he can get them. There are facilities available in our plan in Portland, but they take a week to 10 days to make glasses. The place we can go in Olympia closes at 6pm today and doesn’t open again until Monday. We could go to LensCrafters, but he’d still need to get an eye exam.

And I’m waiting for him to come back from the river. (He should be safe *enough* to drive back. Keep your fingers crossed.) I have enough info, at least, that when he gets in we can make some decisions. I may be bailing on the rest of WebVisions, just as I’m bailing on the 1pm session to get my info in order and prepare myself.