back to our regularly scheduled programming

Okay, so C decided to stay at the beach as originally planned; we’re going to back to our original plan, which involves staying one more night at Tom’s and then driving home tomorrow morning. (“blazing,” as C describes it.)

So while I was sitting here, sucking up electricity, Jonathan Snook wandered by and reminded me that we had met at the SXSW closing party. (I know I took a picture of him, but it’s not online, and it’s not on this computer.)

I’m going to go to the closing party for WV, too, at Greek Cusina, because it was SO VERY tasty last year. We were thinking about seeing Ferris Buehler at flicks on the bricks, but I doubt we will. (Kind of a cruel thing, watching a movie like that w/out glasses.)

One final note: can somebody tell me how to get FTP working right in OSX?!

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  1. I see in Snapping Links that you found Cyberduck, which is what I use, but even if you hadn’t, there’s an ftp client built in to Mac OS X. You just have to be comfortable opening up the terminal and using a command-line program.

    Not very Mac-like, I admit, but I’ve also been a UNIX geek for almost 20 years (ouch!), and I’ve found it useful to know how to use command line ftp on occasions when Cyberduck crashes (which it does more often than I like to admit).

  2. ah yes…the command line. I have actually been known to use the command line ftp in windows, so the concept isn’t all that scary. mostly I’m just boggled that connect to server doesn’t work as I expected it to. 🙂

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