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Archives for October 2005

home again

the author feels a bit more like an author, after a lovely weekend with other authors.

gone writin’

likely blogging silence ’till monday

there is something beyond all that

the author considers herself as a creature to be experimented upon and improved, while recording key points for future reconredge. (also, thank you to everybody out there in the so-called audience.)

failing gracefully

A minor disaster strikes, and somehow that’s okay, because it reveals something important and happy.

I was made for the internet

In which the author muses on the connection between a life-long love of journaling and the emergence of blogging, and once again gives thanks for the ‘net.

it’s alive!

the program that runs media diet has been rewritten and it works.

data point

headache this morning, but different

from C

C, in an unusual request, asks me to post about improving the lot of urban wildlife.