expanding my empire

So I’ve been testing Drupal for a work project, and as happens from time to time, I’ve been testing it on this server. I’m pretty much done testing now (hooray!), and I actually got some good use out of the test version, because it seemed like a good idea to use real-ish data.

I’ve decided, then, to take the site out of the “junk drawer” and make it a real section of my site.

What is it? My life as a writer, or, morewords, is a place for me to put my “real” writing: drafts of poems, short stories, chunks of my novel. Also a listing of publications and ongoing thoughts about what writing means to me. It’s a little scary, putting this out there, more so than you’d think from a relatively prolific blogger. In particular, tossing up poem drafts, which are still relatively raw, and poetry has always been a raw format for me anyway.

But never mind that…enjoy it, if you like.

Don’t know quite yet how it’ll get integrated into the homepage, but it will, and hopefully soon. Which means that my site will be powered by 5 different web apps, one of which is my own creation (more about that soon, I think). Whew. (On that topic, is there any interest whatsoever in an integrated feed, or do y’all not care?)

Here’s an interesting tidbit that I’ll hide all the way down here, for what it’s worth. I participated in this survey today and was pleasantly surprised by the results. I remain neurotic; OTOH, the depression is falling below clinical levels, or at least to moderate ones (slightly contradictory results)…what I think I need to focus on is reducing my level of stress, given all the results together.

Which, as before, means that exercise + meds + being consious about my mental states == lifting of depression, and a return to myself.

The relationship of this last bit to the first? As I find myself in a more positive frame of mind, I’m more in the mood to write, to program, to want to do things in general. So yay, all the way around.

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  1. I know there are writers who say they need to suffer, to feel pain, to be depressed in order to write. I’ve never understood that. I get depressed, the last thing I want to do is write. Good for you that yours is lifting.

  2. For some reason, all I could think after reading the last line was, “hey, mood is strongly related to individual performance in Sims 2, too”. 🙂

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