from C

In an unusual turn of events, C has asked me to post something for him here. He called while helping to clean fir needles off of an old lady’s roof in our neighborhood, for the neighborhood association. He was completely blown away by the experience of seeing an owl practically close enough to have a conversation with, and then later a raccoon family traipsing through the neighborhood. This is from his email to me and a couple of other association folks:

I also wanted to share that I saw a big tan colored owl while there (flew right up to me!), and also a mama raccoon and 4 kit-cubs. We are blessed to have such rich wildlife in our neighborhood, and I think that encouraging the preservation of natural niches in our backyards and alleys is important. Perhaps with attention and stewardship, these animals can coexist without becoming [a] problem.

If anybody knows about any efforts, anywhere, to look at preserving historic trees as a way of helping urban wildlife populations, or at any sort of urban/suburban wildlife habitat work, we’d both be thrilled to hear it.

(Also, I have to say that this beautiful enthusiasm & love for the critters — you should see him with the cats! — is one of the things that I love most and best about C.)