oh, a moment of happiness

Kat invited me to a writer’s retreat on Vashon weekend after next, which this time I can do. (she invited me out to the beach over the summer, but it was too short notice.) After last week’s writing workshop, I’m certain it’ll help me continue with my writing, esp. since she says one of the folks participating has been doing great stuff teaching a writing class this fall.

And I think we’ll probably have a game night on Halloween. The hyperviolent halfling Jayne died in Saturday’s game, trying to take on an iron golem. I’m sad, but it’s to be expected; she did something kinda foolish. 😉 I think I’m going to play a “hacker” gnome…never played a gnome before, and it could be fun.

Today was just a good day all the way around. I even had a quasi-brilliant idea for a work project…that astounds me that I didn’t think of it, oh, 6-9 months ago. But then I think about what 6-9 months ago felt like, and I’m a little easier on myself. Especially since I think I can get this running before that retreat, at least in a really skeletal form.

Right now, I’m sitting in my living room, and at the big table we put together, and looking out the window onto the fading garden, and waiting for lasagna to finish cooking. (And weirdly, listening to probably the same radio program as Elizabeth in CA, because of the wonders of the internets, and because the local stations are all on pledge week.)

The trillion things-to-do that always hover at the edge of my consiousness are still there, but they don’t quite induce the sense of panic that I so often feel. Instead, I feel cozy.

(Oh, but they need “more tents than exist in the world” in Pakistan & India. Ye gods.)

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  1. About the pledge week thing ares done here does not start untill latter this month

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