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Archives for October 2004

current projects of interest

# I just got back from the HighEdWebDev 2004 conference, and my (insanely copious) notes are online. Summaries and recommendations coming later this week. # I’m working on a few things for “The Kitchen” and the Weblogger Wikipedia, Shelley’s two-week blogging clinic and ongoing webloggers’ resource. This could be really interesting for anyone interested in […]

notes for more presentations

intro to web accessibility * basic principle: make web content and services available to as many people as possible * various guidelines: WCAG, Section 508. (mention international laws.) * what to ask/look for re: accessibility in working with a web designer (beyond Bobby) * how to learn more (Joe Clark is DA MAN!) intro to […]


I think I just realized that I can’t design on the laptop. I can program, surf, and write, but I can’t design. So at some point I need to kick C off of the shuttle so I can work on two projects for him and one for me. then again, it would help if I […]

leaving rochester

I’m in the hotel lobby, doing one last sweep of both email & blogs, and at the same time listening to KUOW. (local news from thousands of miles away!) a bit of a headache this morning, not sure of the origin, but I’ll probably remedy it with some caffeine once we get going. (strange: the […]

know your limits

today I rented a car and drove around Rochester for a bit by myself. I got lost. twice. it’s an interesting-looking town; I got to see Lake Ontario, the Kodak plant, lots of cemeteries, and a park where Frederick Douglass used to live. didn’t get as many photos as I’d want, because I was driving. […]

some thoughts on the effects of wifi

this week is the first time that I’ve had access to always-on wifi ‘net access, and while I hang out waiting to go to the airport (just to pick up a rental car, I’m not leaving until tomorrow), I thought I might muse about the experience. it’s not good for my hands/arms, that’s for sure, […]

best of track: a class (year) site

came in a bit late. 2 guys from URochester. I can see why this did so well in the reviews: they have a good presentation style, maybe one of the best I’ve seen all week. establish unity, provide communication, basic resource. URL sent with admittance letter. content added as needed. first done for class of […]

best of track: conversion to web standards

Daniel from UWisconsin Platt http://www.uwplatt.edu/web/webstandards talk about changes in methodology, along with concepts, reasons to make the switch. zen thing: is standards, aren’t standards. if you think of the W3C as the UN… if the countries in the UN don’t want to play well, they don’t. but the UN at least has an army; maybe […]

last night

[written in my room, so when no net access] Just got back from going out on the evening excursion. Started out at an art place in Rochester, with little snacks and cool art. Interesting conversation with a woman from UMichigan and a guy from Albert Einstein Medical. Then ran into some younger (my age) folks […]