leaving rochester

I’m in the hotel lobby, doing one last sweep of both email & blogs, and at the same time listening to KUOW. (local news from thousands of miles away!)

a bit of a headache this morning, not sure of the origin, but I’ll probably remedy it with some caffeine once we get going. (strange: the little coffee shop/gift shop in the lobby is closed.)

I watched the debate last night. as Rebecca Blood said, my guy could’ve come up & puked on the podium and it wouldn’t have changed my vote. however, it’s the first time I’ve seen Kerry speak for any length of time, and I was more impressed than I thought I’d be. he sounds like a guy who’s president.

Bush, on the other hand, had the usual effect he has on me, namely the impulse to run screaming from the building.

I’m sort of glad I got to see one of them, although I think it’s a good thing I was in a space by myself, where I could argue with the TV w/out anyone else around. yeah, it’s a terrible habit; I think I got it from Mom, who argues with the Sunday morning political talk shows.