know your limits

today I rented a car and drove around Rochester for a bit by myself. I got lost. twice.

it’s an interesting-looking town; I got to see Lake Ontario, the Kodak plant, lots of cemeteries, and a park where Frederick Douglass used to live. didn’t get as many photos as I’d want, because I was driving.

I don’t drive much, and I’m realizing that I’m not a particularly confident driver…although I did manage it reasonably well, I think. I did finally get un-lost and work my way out to where I wanted to go.

two things about traffic here were rather distressing…

# people honk. not a lot, but certainly more than I’m used to.
# people jaywalk. now I understand why they say people in Seattle don’t jaywalk…we sometimes slip out across the light early, or cross against the light at a crosswalk when there’s no traffic. but dude. there were people just walking out wherever, in the middle of the blocks inbetween the cars.

but I’m looking forward to going out again tomorrow…mostly because we’ll be going by the rental car place to get Susan (TESC web manager) signed up as a driver too.

(tomorrow’s itinerary is the Farmer’s Market, Eastman House, and Lake Ontario, before we drop off the car and fly home. on the same flights, even; how weird is that?)