last night

[written in my room, so when no net access]

Just got back from going out on the evening excursion. Started out at an art place in Rochester, with little snacks and cool art. Interesting conversation with a woman from UMichigan and a guy from Albert Einstein Medical. Then ran into some younger (my age) folks from the University of Chicago, one of whom used to live in Olympia and interned at the Olympian!

Talked to them for a while, some personal stuff, some professional stuff, and then they said they were going to a bar that one woman’s friends had recommended. They invited me along, for a moment I thought maybe not, that I’d go home & go to bed, but it sounded like something I wouldn’t want to pass up.

We caught a cab, crowded in 4 in the back, one up front, then got to the Lux, which is at 666 something or another, and has sort of a hell theme. We found seats in sort of a loungy zone up in the front corner. Several of us had spiked cider: hot cider with butterscotch schnapps & vodka. Very tasty.

A game of Taboo, of all things, and to my own later detriment, I mentioned the most famous Taboo clue of the old Middle Sunday crowd (?donkey mistake? for ?asphalt?). Asphalt came up later, and all she could get out with out giggling was ?donkey,? but of course that was enough. Even better was the word ?fame? coming up just as the David Bowie song of the same name came up on the jukebox. 🙂

Following that was a game called Salad Shooter (or Salad Bowl, it was called both), which I’ll describe just so I can remember it to play again sometime:

Everybody writes up names of famous people/characters on little pieces of paper and tosses them in a bowl. Then the group divides into 2 teams. One person on each team grabs a name out of the bowl and describes that person until the team guesses it, continues picking names for 1 minute, then switch to the other team, and so on until the bowl is done. (points given to the team for each name correctly guess.)

Then you start over again, but in the 2nd round, you only get two words to describe the person. Then there’s a third round, but as charades.

The interesting thing about it is that over the course of the game, the descriptions that worked in the beginning ? as well as those that didn’t ? end up being part of the charades, etc. So that, for example, because I got the other girls to guess Susan Sarandon with Thelma & Louise, by the charades round, it was a person driving and falling.

An odd thing, we had three people who showed up twice: Jane Eyre, Madonna, and god help us, Eric Meyer. Is that mega-nerdy or what?

And by the time we finished up with that, it was 11 pm, and we’ve all got another long day ahead of us tomorrow, so another cab back to the hotel.

But of course by now I’ve gotten my second wind, and it’s only 9 pm pst…so I’m up blogging, watching TV, and maybe now I’ll start playing around with that design idea….

[my 2nd wind lasted all of ten minutes.]