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instead of going to session #10, I went up to my room to get a nap. best thing I could’ve done, even though some of the presentations sounded quite interesting. now I feel like a real live human being again, even with just an hour’s sleep, washing my face, and putting up my hair. I […]

cms 9: content mgt best practices

asking who’s using a CMS, satisfaction. wacky graphics showing a messed up navigation system. slide with teeny tiny font. she’s lost her microphone, and she’s not not quite loud enough. hey, she’s asking and now holding the mic…I can hear her! what it can’t do: write the content (sounds silly, but…. ah, it sounds like […]

how odd

sometime in the last 6 years (after Elizabeth graduated), our old high school became an International Baccalaureate school. WTF? (when I went there, it was a pretty rough school; we had a gang riot during my senior year.) I wonder if people who went to my college alma mater have the same reaction to its […]

a little fresh air

I’m sitting out on the patio in the middle of the hotel, and yes, the wifi reaches out here. the laptop is a little hard to read, but it’s worth it just to get some sun & fresh air. Susan & I went for a quick walk around the hotel during one of the breaks […]

mea8: web metrics

gotta take good notes this time: Susan asked me to fill her in while she’s in the XML forms presentation. it’s a panel (3 women, including the last presenter I saw, and one guy, for those paying attention), 4 web people from new york state. they’re hoping for answers from us, too. almost everybody here […]

csd7: journey to content management

trying valiantly to wake up. had a mocha this morning, because I knew there was no way I’d make it through the morning otherwise. not a very *good* mocha, but it’s helping. she has an excellent speaking style, is working to engage the audience: hand-raising, questioning. they were all self-publishing, fully decentralized, even more than […]

csd6: aka me

I think it went well, but I don’t know. I just have such a massive sense of relief that it’s hard to experience anything else. only lost my train of thought a couple of times, and recovered quickly. S5 worked great, too. I didn’t cover everything that I said in my practice versions, but I […]

mea5: project management

Aimee Lewis, Warner School, URochester running off her vita, lots of school experience (nearly 100 sites) asking about who people are in the audience (project mgr, designer, marketing, IT: can I raise my hand on everything?) looks like this a redesign session. their old site (as of 2 yrs ago) was from 1997! 3 pages […]

taking a break

I decided to sit out this session. nothing really trips my trigger, and I need a bit of a space where I’m not trying to write a million words a minute. one of the interesting things about this conference, much better than the sessions so far, has been the networking. I’ve met more web people […]

csd 3: accessible forms

a little more awake post-lunch. Andrew from Indiana U is a library guy! had a quick chat with the woman from the W3C. (cool tiny laptop.) she encouraged me to complain to MS about the FP/Word thing. www.4serendipity.com/highedwebdev2004/forms/ hey, he’s using S5 too! why accessibility…if I were him, I’d just refer back to the keynote, […]