taking a break

I decided to sit out this session. nothing really trips my trigger, and I need a bit of a space where I’m not trying to write a million words a minute.

one of the interesting things about this conference, much better than the sessions so far, has been the networking. I’ve met more web people from Washington state in the last 2 days than I have in the last 4 years, and I know there are at least 2 more of us kicking around. (2 other presenters!) so perhaps this little experience will be the nub of a conclave in our neck of the woods. I’m hoping, anyway.

and even the people I’ve met from outside of WA have been, well, neato. lots of good stories & chit chat: last night I hung out in the hospitality lounge and ended up talking D&D, old kid’s TV shows, early geek culture, video games, and world religions with a bunch of nerds.

our gender-concerned members of the audience will also note that there are lots of women here; so far, all the presenters I’ve seen have been men, but that’s just been my luck. the total ratio looks closer to 40% women presenters, which is nice to see after all the other conferences one hears about. maybe it’s the education focus.

fyi: I actually added a category for all this stuff, so you can get to all my HEWD notes at http://www.epersonae.com/ew/index.php/categories/hewd-2004