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Archives for October 2004

a long ramble

Last night I went to C’s nonprofit capstone (think senior project) class to talk weblogs, accessibility, and whatever. It turned out to be a fascinating experience, talking all over the map; lots of talk about syndication, which is still not being well expressed outside tech circles. One woman uses My Yahoo and had seen the […]

hello world!

I’m just demoing wordpress. 🙂 UWT homepage

my mobility needs

(riffing off of Tim Bray) I had a work PDA…well, I still have one, but it’s old and flaky, and I opted out of an upgrade this year. I discovered that I need my calendar at meetings less often that I thought, and the PDA isn’t as good for taking notes as I thought. We […]

interlocking pieces of accessibility

consider this a rough version of my thoughts on accessibility and the reasons why. hopefully will fill out as I go. The worst reason: lawyers The law in some countries is very clear on Web accessibility. (At least that it’s required, whatever the standard itself may look like.) The United States isn’t one of those […]

on weblogs

(some notes/talking points) what is a weblog? * asterisk * eowyn797 * Talking Points Memo * Metafilter * Pierce College News * (this!) what services? (login where I have an account) big 4: * Blogger * LiveJournal * Movable Type * WordPress * lots more, including “home-grown” (missouri! but the about missouri link is broken) […]


tired and uninspired. suddenly reminded, on this rainy day, of all the things I probably should’ve done yesterday, when it was nice out. although I did wash a few of the windows, and isn’t it lovely to look out of a perfectly clear window onto…the rain? and our trees are the kind that don’t do […]

…the more things stay the same

someone in my department had a birthday earlier this week, so we went out to lunch. she had suggested the East-West Cafe in Tacoma. the last time I went was in the summer of 1996, before I met C. WP took me there for a date, the only time we actually went out anywhere during […]

the more things change…

doing a bit of tweaking: added a new home page header (sunflower!) and a link to The Kitchen, plus a new album of pictures from Rochester. I have more, of course, but it’s taking me time to work through them.

bad sleep

Piko and Sasha (then, later, Maddy) kept waking me up, and I had a strange dream which has faded down to a mere outline, but which still disturbs me. (airplane flight, giving birth, betrayal, firey death that was transmuted to puppet-like animation on a tv screen.) which means now I’m working very hard at just […]

everything ends

Should it make me as sad as it does that Mark Pilgrim has quit blogging? I may write more about this later, or I may not. I’m not sure yet.