tired and uninspired. suddenly reminded, on this rainy day, of all the things I probably should’ve done yesterday, when it was nice out.

although I did wash a few of the windows, and isn’t it lovely to look out of a perfectly clear window onto…the rain?

and our trees are the kind that don’t do beautiful colors. honestly, they haven’t even really started doing anything at all. only the handful of yellow/black leaves on the uncut lawn give any clue that the leaves are going. (yes, black. aphids leave this gnarly honeydew stuff that turns black on the leaves. yes, ew.)

Saturday I was tripped out by a bit of google-snooping. my first big crush? now a poli sci professor. even funnier? the last time I did a bit of vanity googling, including him, and blogged about it: that’s now on the first page of results under his name.

also, my feet are cold and kinda damp.