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higher ed summit

Panel, no one in a communications or marketing unit — mostly folks who do contract sites for college departments, units, including chargeback models. Interesting: discussion about how they decide whether to use WP or Drupal for any given project. It’s so weird being here as a person from higher ed, but with no departments. Stanford […]

responsive discovery

note: cmi d8 init presentation was interesting. I think it’ll be useful. haveaproblem.com responsive process website experience map: this might be JUST the thing for admissions lunch & learns: talking to the content creators

ux spaces

“everybody has a role to play in ux” (re twitter convo from last session) a bounded set of interactions: action content model in a site w/4 menu items, each one is a space they can be nested ( subject verb object ?) as a [role], I want to [do a thing] in order to [benefit] […]


closed mode vs open mode experience map making fun of using twitter bootstrap? our own UI library? Justin has gotten a pretty good start on that, but we definitely need to get that broader & deeper. make the docs (not too many) – share the docs – maintain the docs – ux dashboard make a […]

keynote: karen mcgrane

“I would not have the professional success that I have today if it were not for this community [Drupal]” audio interfaces? yipes. (with the reminder that touchscreens used to be horrible) the return of the em vs i debate? (paging matt may: how’s that work out on screenreaders?) content strategy bingo: google glass digital signage…and […]

content strategy the rpg

relly! lvl 1: easy fixes: we have 3 about pages! “I started orphaning pages from the nav.” “start self-assigning yourself stuff” “they weren’t telling their story” (pottery) page table: what’s the message? what’s the method? actually BETTER to do content audits manually rather than automagically…so that people FEEL the pain. I want to know more […]

eaton, post-mobile

one pool of content structure content for remixing. (I’m starting to wonder if we need to work on an entirely different model of content ownership) model meaning, not presentation (and maybe not ownership, either)