content strategy & content engineering

Skipped the post-lunch session to go forage for Excedrin. :\

Content strategy that you can’t implement is just a lofty idea.

[site note: it sounds like the stubhub internationalization session would’ve been helpful, will have to go looking for notes, etc. apparently google translate is a TERRIBLE idea for internationalization content.]

1) personalization: the borderlands of creepy (my term, not theirs) questions to ask: will it pay off for your users? do you have the right content structure? are there content gaps?

customer journey. I like this graphic. can we make one for our office? (and the difference between freshman & transfer. goddamn it, we need personas.)

engineering consideration: which systems maintain the data? (aaaaaaaaah. CRMmmmmmmm. ahem. sorry.) authentication: implied or actual? crazy chart of all the technologies.

2) presentation:

“everyone has a high bandwidth capability” are you fucking kidding me? O HAI DIGITAL DIVIDE.

3) authoring experience

[note: I’m sort of drifting, musing about a three-part series, “the web therapist” – usability testing (active listening), content strategy (CBT techniques), and content group therapy.]

her example of process and lifecycle…yeah, no. staffing just not there for the vast majority of content. (as I’ve been saying lately: “I don’t scale.”)

and his examples & questions, again, just things that don’t work at our budget, scale, or environment. although if portfolio were not THE WORST, it would be interesting to have some access to that for the cms users. is there something we could do instead? how do we help our editors provide the best photos to their visitors?

4) reuse

*modeling* reuse potential. aha! I think that’s one of the things that I hope to get out of listing ALL THE THINGS. (really, seriously, I need to know if the consultants provided their inventory in their reports. cause we could use that.)

how do you review and approve the chunks in all their contexts?

5) governance

“are your teams conversant in your content strategy?” vision, vocabulary, wisdom

[so training really can’t just be “here’s where the buttons are/how to use AP style” but must “here’s how to plan for creating the RIGHT stuff”]

RACI/DACI chart (which was mentioned in the workshop)

of course this guy works for an org that has a white paper. :\