content insight from user surveys

good for gathering insight, esp at the beginning.

audience attitudes. differences between segments. terminology.

don’t use surveys to “prove” success or evaluate content.

slide with 6 steps.

“focusing is about saying No” (steve jobs)

what do you want to find out
from whom
how you’re going to use that info

what is interesting about your users?

no more than three general subjects you want to find out about

I must be the weirdest person, because (most of the time) I like doing surveys. (assuming it’s not interrupting something else I want to do.)

OH HEY that survey example question (the good one) is one we could actually use.

“choose M to Zed” aw, Canadian accent. 🙂

speaking of that question, are we doing any surveys with alumni?

be sure to have incentives, even tiny ones.

I really hope these slides are available, because this is some excellent stuff, good details.

questions: screening -> easy -> difficult -> sensitive

make your surveys SIMPLE in terms of types of questions.

nice list of tips for minimizing survey bias

(random thought: are there any faculty who do survey design who could talk to our content editors? because the drupaling might greatly expand who can do surveys.)

also for maximizing response.

going to want to go back & review this. (goddamn sinus headache.)