The Birthday Post

It occurred to me this week that this year has some interesting birthday anniversaries:

5 Years Ago: Ok, this one is boring, but quite deliberately so. (Mmmmm, cake.) We were living in our current house, and I was working at Pierce College.

10 Years Ago: The actual birthday was not especially notable, although what I do remember is that the birthday itself was fighty. What makes this one notable is that it happens to be the day before 9/11. Nothing like waking up after a lousy birthday to TEH END OF TEH WORLD. (Given that I’m on the west coast, and that at the time I had my clock radio set to NPR, I did actually wake up to planes hitting towers, although exactly at what point in that sequence I don’t remember now.) We were living in a duplex in Lakewood, and I was working at Pierce College. C & I had been married for a year and a half.

15 Years Ago: The Toe Birthday! The Sunday before this particular birthday I was carrying a paper cutter by its handle across the front office at the Children’s Museum when the handle came loose, and the rest of the cutter landed directly on my big toe. I celebrated my birthday with my two best friends…with a pack of frozen peas on my (still really hurting) toe. Sometime around midnight, one of my friends insisted that I let him take me to the ER, because it shouldn’t hurt that much two days later. I got my toenail burned through by the ER doc. (OWOWOWOW. Also: gross.) I remember two things about that experience: first, the color of the bruise under my toenail was about the same color as the nail polish they had to remove to see it. (Purple!) Second, the woman in the space next to me was having some sort of allergic reaction (rash?), possibly to shampoo, which wouldn’t have been a big deal except that she was quite hugely pregnant. I was given vicodin after I left: I took half of one and slept about 12 hours. I was living in a studio apartment in the Stadium District of Tacoma, and working at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. I had only met C once, which I totally don’t remember, although I worked with one of his best friends. (Who, FWIW, was the person I was working with when I hurt my toe.) Notably, this was also a week and a half after the crash that ended up killing one of my co-workers. See “Road” under History on this page about Technological Hazards.

20 Years Ago: I’ve been trying to remember if this was the birthday when my high school friends threw me a surprise party…the only surprise party I’ve ever had. It was either my 16th or 17th birthday, and for the life of me I can’t remember! In any case, it wasn’t a surprise. I was the last of that group of friends to have a birthday in the year that we threw parties for everybody, so I was kind of expecting it. Then one of my friends called the house, I answered the phone, and she immediately asked to talked to my sister. Um, yeah, that’s not obvious. ::rolls eyes:: This (approximately) was the conversation sis and I had later:

Me: so, when’s the party?

ERN: what party? (tries to look innocent, fails) Ok, it’s at Farrell’s on [day/time].

Me: I’m scheduled to work that day. Can you call her and have them reschedule?

ERN: Sure. Can you at least try to act surprised?

And because I startle easily, I managed to look plenty surprised. I’m thinking it was my 17th birthday, since I distinctly remember having this conversation while waiting for the bus, and my senior year was the only year we took the bus to school together. But I’m entirely willing to believe I may be off by a year. (Readers of this blog who have known me that long are welcome to correct me.) Whether it was the year of the surprise party or not, it was definitely the last year I celebrated my birthday at home, in Altadena CA. I was about to start my senior year of high school, and I also worked at the Altadena Library. I had been dating R for about 6 months.

I don’t remember anything particularly notable about either my 12th or 7th birthdays.

As for tomorrow, we shall see.

More past birthdays:

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  1. Spoke to ERN on Saturday and she’s pretty sure I’m thinking of my 16th birthday, not my 17th. She also reminds me that my friend initially thought that I was my sister, since we have very similar voices, and was about to spill all the beans until I interrupted her. Then she asked to talk to ERN. Good times.

    (Also, why the hell didn’t this post automatically publish on the 9th, when I wrote it days and days ahead of time?!)

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