Sunday was my birthday.  Anybody who’s known me for very long knows that I am hugely superstitious about my birthday.  I’ve had a number of really horrid birthdays, so my emphasis is always on being mellow; I never even take the day off of work, if it’s a weekday.

This birthday went very nicely.  Good weather; breakfast at the kick-ass hole-in-the-wall downtown; damn good mocha; a quick ride around the lake.  Lazing around in the afternoon, a bit of yardwork (pulling out sunflowers, mostly), dinner at the Mexican place in Lacey, a spot of shopping (with coupons, my birthday dessert cost 87 cents!), cake, and video games.

I always make my own cake; not because C (or whoever) won’t or doesn’t want to, but because I like baking a cake.  This year it was a chocolate cake from the recipe on the back of the cocoa box.  Or rather, half a cake, since we certainly don’t need a whole one.

I bought two video games, one with “classic” games, the other a “fighty” game.  That’s the only kind I really like on the Playstation…and one of the classic games is a sidescrolling fighting/adventure game, that we could play vs. the computer.  A lovely way to end the day, really.

And now I’m 32, and reasonably happy about it. 🙂

Previous birthdays:

  • 2005 (nothing very interesting)
  • 2004 (a lucky and happy 30)
  • 2003 (mellow, mostly)
  • 2002 (death & memory)
  • 2001 (this is from a few days before.  birthday turned out badly, and then, well, got completely over-run by events)

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  1. Happy Birthday… a week late…

    I duck my head in shame…

    Forgetting your birthday is MY Elaine birthday tradition. At least I’m consistent.

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