birthday-related improvement

Another year, another birthday, which I suppose is how it ought to be. 🙂 Last night Elizabeth, C & I had pizza, watched vids, made/ate cupcakes & played Mario Kart on her Wii; I imagine tonight will be more of the same, but with homemade burgers subbing for pizza. People were super at work, too, including a gift of more! cupcakes! one for me, one for Elizabeth. The smell of cupcakes taunted me all day. Plus there were birthday tweets, and I got a Harrison Ford (?) bobblehead at McDonalds with lunch.

I’ve been a big ball of stress the last few weeks, and it’s only just in the last day or two that I’ve realized exactly how bad it’s been, as I get back to socializing after being in self-imposed isolation. (Hunkered down in my cubicle alone with my churlish thoughts….) I don’t feel entirely well-balanced, but I don’t feel like the sky is falling either, so that’s good. A little personal journaling helped, and maybe it’s just that the weather went from bleh to phenomenal the last couple of days.

Yesterday I went for a drastic hair change, with some help from Ask MetaFilter. (Yes, srsly. The Mefites were very helpful.) It was about time for me to dump the extra length, and just going to the salon & having my awesome stylist massage my scalp was good for my mood.

This weekend C & I are going to get away to points as yet undecided; the weather looks to continue AWESOME for the next couple of weeks. I’m very excited, if torn between getting stuff done outside at home and running away to play. Here’s hoping there will be time for both!

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